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Check Sheet

Check Sheet is a simple data collection tool, table or form which facilitates data collection and data entry. Check sheets have different categories for data entry. For each category users enter the data they collect from the process. The simplest form of check sheet is a simple table of categories where users add a check as they collect the data. Check sheets are used for any process in manufacturing and services such as production process, customer service process, delivery process, ordering process, etc. Generally check sheet categories are types of errors/defects in the process or different activities in the process. The categories are defined based on the purpose of the check sheet or the objective of the data collection through brainstorming and talking to people who are involved in the process. Things to consider are the time period of data collection such as days, shifts, employees, etc. and how the data will be collected. After the first data collection you may analyze the data and modify the check sheet to better reflect and analyze the data.



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